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범양뉴스 Kiturami, Bumyang Air Conditioning Named Excellent Quality Competitiveness Company 귀뚜라미범양냉방 ㅣ 2021-11-09 ㅣ 조회수 833

Kiturami, Bumyang Air Conditioning Named Excellent Quality Competitiveness Company for the 6th and 14th consecutive years, respectively

Kiturami Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Jae-bum), the Kiturami Group's main affiliate, and Kiturami-Beomyang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Young-soo) were named excellent quality competitiveness companies for the 6th and 14th consecutive years, respectively, at the “47th National Quality Management Competition.”

The National Quality Management Competition is a system selecting companies that have achieved excellent results by improving technology and industrial competitiveness through continuous innovation based on quality management.

In the era of carbon neutrality, Kiturami focuses on developing eco-friendly boiler technology and its popularization, contributing to solving global social problems such as energy depletion and air pollution.

Since 2015, it has been promoting "eco-friendly boiler supply projects" in cooperation with the central and local governments and taking the lead in popularizing eco-friendly boilers. It is also continuously expanding the eco-friendly home boiler lineup certified by the Ministry of Environment.

Thanks to its world-class quality competitiveness, Kiturami-Bumyang Air Conditioning has been recognized for its technological prowess by successfully constructing and supplying refrigeration and air conditioning facilities to major domestic and overseas semiconductor manufacturing plants and deep underground tunnels.

It is expanding the development and construction of customized refrigeration and air conditioning facilities, raising the international status of Korea's refrigeration and air conditioning industry by pioneering overseas markets.

Nowadays, the company is strengthening its capabilities by focusing on technology investment and quality innovation in the R&D sector.

"We are continuously developing quality management to provide better-quality products and services to our customers. As a company leading the Korean refrigeration and air conditioning industry, we will do our best to contribute further to industrial development,” an official from the Kiturami Group said.